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My name is Andrea and I help budding plant enthusiasts to maintain healthy indoor plants, in order to experience the wellbeing and aesthetic benefits that living with houseplants provides.

My fascination with plants and how they grow stems from childhood. There was always something propagating in water in our house! I was particularly drawn to the cactus collection we had, and no matter how many times the spines got me I couldn’t stop touching them.

My enthusiasm clearly continued to grow as now I live with my husband, three daughters, two cats and approximately 150 plants (but who’s counting?)

My experience has developed over many years of plant ownership, reading and watching countless tutorials. All of which led me back to study in 2019 to gain professional qualifications in horticulture from the RHS.

The natural world is my playground. Time spent exploring the woods, hugging trees and learning about the wonderful web of life is a privilege.

I am passionate about all plants, and I grow flowers, fruit and vegetables, but my favourite area of horticulture is houseplants, which is why I have created Natures Girl - The Indoor Gardener.

It is heartwarming to see the increase in the popularity of houseplants, as I know the benefits they bring. 

Plant care can feel overwhelming due to the sheer volume of information available, and not knowing where to begin. Many believe they do not have green fingers to keep plants alive, or just do not have the time to maintain them, and this is where I can help, through practical guidance or taking care of your plants maintenance needs.

My mission through the incredible power of plants is to:

~ breathe life into your space

~ increase calm and happiness in your daily life

~ save plants from untimely deaths

~ spread goodness for a living

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